Mom Life

Janette Shearer & Girls

Cause Mom Life… without them, I would be nowhere! Well, I’d be somewhere but nowhere as fulfilled, as loved, as crazy, and as motivated! I work hard to show my girls that we can be and do anything we want to do!

I never knew when I signed up for motherhood that it would be so darn hard. Everyone makes it looks so easy and joyful. Truth is, it’s not sunshine and rainbows every day! Somedays I don’t want to “mom” and other days I love it so much it hurts!

My girls love fiercely and will move mountains! They are like oil and water and couldn’t be more different.  I’m just trying to hold on the best I can while they take me one heck of a crazy adventure through this thing called mom life!

High Risk Pregnancy
I've officially entered the beginning of my third and final trimester of my High Risk pregnancy! I'm officially 28 weeks pregnant today!  I was diagnosed with a common pregnancy problem during my 1st pregnancy. I apologize in advance for some googling that may happen as a result of reading this.  For convenience, I have...