Can I tell you my secrets? This is going to be a fun little series outlining some of my secrets within a few of these categories to get to know my path and me. Maybe you’re the same? Maybe you’ve got a similar skeleton in the close? We don’t have to hide; we just need to courage to voice them.


1. I am Fashion illiterate. I know very little about fashion beyond the basics.

2. Stripes, Polka Dots, flora… No thank you!

3. Fashion tips from childhood; your shoes should always match your purse, furthermore I was told that Blue and Green should never be seen.

4. I’ve worn black almost my entire life, as a child I wasn’t allowed to wear white as I would just look at something and I’d get dirty!

5. Tank tops are my thing, every single day! I might have another shirt on, however I can guarantee that I’m wearing a tank underneath.

6. I love dresses but I HATE wearing them!  There is no place for my cell phone!

7.  I’m not good at colour coordinating at all. Colour scares me! I stick to wearing neutrals.

8. Booties are on the top of my list for shoes I’d like to learn how to wear! I suppose you are supposed to have your pants properly hemmed to fit you and then they tuck in nicer?

9. I spent a total of 6 years in retail management. While this has helped grow my fashion, I remained very closed-minded as I was skeptical that these “young girls” could actually dress me age appropriately.

10.I have often felt that I dress young for my age.  This aided in some of my struggles as a female within management roles and having people take me seriously.

As I dive into this fashion journey, I felt honesty was my key to success. However, I felt that by voicing my secrets, I will open myself to achieving the knowledge I desire. Not only that, but additionally, it will also afford my daughters with a fashion role model to look up to. Hopefully, I will be able to pass along some knowledge to my young girls who have a whole life ahead of fashion do’s and don’ts.

My 10 Fashion Secrets

Additionally, as I look to educate myself in terms of fashion, I hope that I am able to inspire some mama’s to look to learn a few some new tips or tricks for yourself. It is now time to come out of my fashion illiterate closet!

I am looking to work with new brands, designers, stylists, photographers and the like in this journey. If you feel like you’d be a good fit, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at avatozoeblog (at)




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