That proud moment when your child mimic’s your positive life choices is one of my favourites. My online store inspired Ava’s inner entrepreneurial spirit and seeing the fun accessories she often creates warms my heart! Ava jumped for joy when I brought out the Gel-A-Peel kits. Gel-A-Peel offers a variety of options from Bracelets, Earrings, necklaces and so much more!

Fun accessories for your favourite tween!

First thing Ava tried out was the Gel-a-Peel Sparkle Bead Station where you can design and create your own stylish beads. Comes with 26 design templates, two coloured lanyard options. I believe this one was Ava’s favourite! Ava liked the idea of making her own beads to create endless gifts for her friends and family! It retails for $39.99 and suggested age is 8+.  The Sparkle Bead Station inspired all types of creativity with her colour selection for making beads to how she designed her necklaces after! You just have to be sure that you make nice thick lines that fully connect or they can break as you peel them off once they dry.

The bracelets that Ava created with the Gel-a-Peels Pastel and Glow in the Dark accessory kits were my favourite. They required her to follow a pattern, as each kit comes with 16 design templates with different levels of complexity and one drawing sheet. Right away, Ava had ideas for matching best friend bracelets for her and her BFF!


  1. This looks so fun! I know my daughter would really love this! She is so creative and loves jewelry.


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