Hotel Zed: Went For A Sexy Nooner & Stayed For The Night!

Hotel Zed Nooner

Disclaimer: We received this trip to Hotel Zed in Victoria in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own

If you’ve ever read a romance novel or watched a romcom there is usually a couple who runs away for a romantic rendezvous at a hotel.  Sometimes it happens midday and this is known as a “nooner”! Yes you read that right! We’re talking a little hanky panky mid day! Hotel Zed in Victoria invited us to experience a real-life nooner pre- Valentines Day!

Hotel Zed

Victoria is one of my favourite places on Vancouver Island as it just has such a romantic fun eclectic style. As you can tell Hotel Zed fits right in perfectly. What better way to bring a little romance to your Valentine’s day plans than by sneaking away for some adult time to Canada’s most romantic city? We went to enjoy their Valentine’s Day nooner package and loved it so much that we stayed the night!

Hotel Zed Nooner

Now, Who or What is Hotel Zed?

Hotel Zed is easily the coolest, most fun, retro hotel in BC ever. With 2, soon to be 3 locations in BC, Hotel Zed is a MUST STAY destination. But secretly, they are the people behind Accent Inns. They had this amazing and might I add a brilliant idea to create a funky hotel that was not pretentious. Let me tell you, they hit the nail right on the head! They literally thought of absolutely everything from the decor, both inner and outer. Complete with retro alarm clocks and rotary dial phones, Hotel Zed retro factor did not disappoint, even the lobby is on point!

Hotel Zed Nooner

For those of you playing coy and wondering what is a Nooner at Hotel Zed?

A Nooner at Hotel Zed is simply an extended lunch break with some midday adult-sized fun! Hotel Zed offered hungry couples on Valentine’s Day three hours of bliss just over lunchtime which included one of their amazing rooms for a few hours. Did I mention it also comes with 4 Hotel Zed sexy card games to help get you in the romantic mood, if needing help is even a thing? 

Nooner Cards

Sometimes date nights just aren’t possible! I get it, we don’t have childcare very often so sometimes maybe it’s easier to sneak away while the kids are in school or daycare? We did exactly that! Hotel Zed bring back the playfulness to your life that many of us adults are missing!

Hotel Zed Nooner

When we stayed at Hotel Zed, the weather was certainly not in our favour with winds making it feel like -10. We spent time enjoying the free coffee in the lobby and checking out the vinyl record collection.  We even typed cheeky love notes on their vintage typewriters. One of our biggest highlights was the ping pong lounge which made for a little competitive fun with an adult twist! Winner truly did take all if you know what I mean! *wink wink*

Being so cold, we definitely preferred to stay in and create our own heat if you catch my drift. *nudge nudge*  However, there were many kids who braved the weather to enjoy the Zedinator waterslide and outdoor hot tub. We are hoping to go back and enjoy the indoor pool and the other fun outdoor amenities. Hotel Zed also offers free bike rentals to access the nearby Galloping Goose Regional Trail. 

Hotel Zed

Our stay at Hotel Zed was nothing short of incredible! Hotel Zed honestly has created a fun retro environment that is perfect for couples or fun getaways with the kids! Blowing your kids minds have them to dial 0 on the rotary phone to connect with the front desk! 

Hotel Zed Nooner

If I can talk about the staff for a moment. Carmen checked us in and took care of us the entire time we were there. You can tell she loves her work environment and taking care of her guests! Initially, when we checked in, we had a room with an adjoining door to a room full of kids. They upgraded us into a beautiful suite and made sure we got settled in ok. Her smiling face and friendly demeanor was such a breath of fresh air. Carmen brought the hotel to life and made sure we felt right at home!

Hotel zed nooner
Our first room at Hotel Zed

And just in case you worked up an appetite, Hotel Zed has a lovely on-site restaurant located just inside the lobby. The Ruby specializes in rotisserie chicken and the most amazing brunch EVER! Be sure to get on the list early or make a reservation, the food is that good. Even if you have to wait, enjoy the free coffee and amenities the lobby has to offer. Just looking at the photos of the breakfast tacos leaves salivating!

Hotel Zed Nooner
Breakfast Taco’s at The Ruby

To sum it all up, Hotel Zed, no matter which location you’re staying at will be an amazing breath of fresh air! Whether you’re headed for a nooner on Valentine’s Day with your spouse or a getaway your kids, you will not regret staying at Hotel Zed. Next Valentine’s Day, be sure to spice up your love life and create your own romcom by and sneaking away for a nooner!

To book an overnight guestroom, call or go online to

Hotel Zed: Went For A Sexy Nooner & Stayed For The Night! 10

Hotel Zed Nooner

Hotel Zed


Hotel Zed Nooner
Thanks for Spoiling us Hotel Zed! Cannot wait to see you again!

5 Steps For An Easy Mirror Makeover to Brighten Up Your Bedroom

mirror makeover

Disclaimer: I received the Chalked Ultra Matte Paint from in exchange for inclusion in this post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own!

I had never thought of repainting old mirrors or doing a mirror makeover until I couldn’t stand the thought of buying a new mirror. If you’ve ever shopped for a mirror, you know what a daunting experience it can be! To find the right shape, the right size and color is almost like looking for a unicorn! Finding a mirror for our bedroom that was the right size and shape at the price I wanted was frustrating, to say the least!

mirror update

As our taste in bedroom decor has changed, and by our, I mean mine, I couldn’t fathom the thought of looking for a new mirror. You can paint furniture, walls, why not paint an old mirror? I knew that painting by hand was going to be tedious as this mirror does have some detail on the inner frame so I reached out to my friends at Rustoleum to see if they had anything that might work! Their solution was the perfect way to brighten up my bedroom!

Rustoleum’s  Chalked Ultra Matte Paint was the perfect way complete my mirror makeover and get the look that I wanted, in the color I wanted. We desperately needed to brighten up our bedroom and breathe new life into some dated pieces. This mirror was the perfect shape and I really loved the details but I couldn’t handle the brown brassy color with the black Kallax shelf from IKEA. After painting the walls white, it was clear this mirror needed a mirror makeover!

mirror makeover

With plenty of color options in the Chalked line, it was just going to be a matter of finding which color matched our decor the most! After sharing my narrowed down color options on my Instagram stories, it was clear that the Aged Grey was the clear winner! I honestly couldn’t be happier with the choice!

So how do you repaint an old mirror? After our paint arrived, I spent about 30 minutes one afternoon with a very gentle piece of sanding paper. I opted for a 180 grit, as that’s what I had at home. You can also Scotch bright Pad as all you really want to do is take some of the shine out of the old mirror to help the paint adhere to the frame better! It is very important that you use a very fine sanding paper like 180 grit as using something course can actually damage the frame.

painting old mirrors

This mirror makeover was starting to come along perfectly! 

Before sanding down the frame, you want to make sure that you cover the mirror with some paper and taped it down with some painters tape. Covering the mirror will ensure that it remains dust free and none of the paint gets on to the mirror.  After that the rest is simple!

painting old mirrors

Head outdoors or to a well-ventilated room and put down a drop cloth. Rustoleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint is such an easy application as you just simply spray and allow it to dry. It has amazing coverage and can then be sanded down after it dries to the chalky smooth finish! I loved the color so much and wasn’t really going for the distressed look as much as the matte look so I chose to leave it as is!

The best advice that I can give you regarding this paint is to ensure that you allow the proper time for drying between coats. I’d previously used Rustoleum paint which was very quick drying. The Chalked Ultra Matte Paint does dry quickly, however just not as quickly as the previous paint I had used.

mirror makeover mirror makeover

After allowing the first coat to dry, I chose to go over it with a second coat as I could see a bit of the previous dark color peek through. After allowing the second coat to dry, I simply peeled off the paper I had taped to the mirror and rehung the mirror.

Not only does the color match beautifully with the rest of our updated bedroom decor, but it has also brightened up that corner of our room. Who knew that a $10.99 can of gorgeous spray paint that you can buy at places like Lowes could do such wonders to an old mirror and save me so much time in money in the search for a replacement!

To sum it all up:

  1. Gather supplies including your Rustoleum Chalked Ultra Matte Spray Paint.
  2. Gently sand down old mirror with very fine sandpaper removing the shine.
  3. Cover the mirror so paint does not get on it.
  4. Spray the mirror with however many coats desired for your specific mirror
  5. Allow the paint to fully dry, remove paper and replace the mirror in the desired location.

Looking to do your own mirror makeover? Learn more about the Rustoleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint line by viewing the pre-mixed colors like the Aged Grey that I used here. Looking to get your brush dirty and a more hands on approach? See here for dark tint base and here for light tint base.


bedroom decor painting old mirrors

Need some DIY inspo? PIN IT FOR LATER

mirror makeover


Stay tuned for a really fun sidetable DIY Ikea Hack featuring this Aged Grey Ultra Matte Paint very soon!



AspenClean 7 Natural Cleaning Solutions For A Healthy Family

Natural Cleaning Solutions With AspenClean

DISCLAIMER: We received cleaning services in partnership with Healthy Family Media and AspenClean. All opinions expressed are 100% my own!

“Here, let me clean that for you!”…. Said no one ever! Until AspenClean did and it was glorious! Finding a reputable company that offers natural cleaning solutions isn’t always easy these days! AspenClean came into our home and took care of everything, from the fridge to the hard-to-reach places!

Natural Cleaning Solutions

With two young daughters, swimming lessons, soccer, and all the various other activities, these girls keep me on my toes. My husband works full time outside the home as well as moonlights as a DJ part time. Then there is me, working full time from home as a blogger, shop owner, social media manager and photographer for my styled stock photography business Captured In Squares. I’m the real life “aint nobody got time for this” girl!

Making an appointment for their team to come in was very easy! I really appreciated all the options I could request. I’ve heard many stories of people looking to hire a cleaner and they have a longer list of things they won’t do vs. things they will. From folding laundry to cleaning your oven, it’s clear AspenClean truly has your family’s best interests at heart.

Natural Cleaning Solutions

After selecting two different dates and times that worked for us, I was given a day based on my selections. I was then sent a window of time 2 days before our appointment so I would know when they would arrive! 3 lovely ladies in AspenClean uniforms arrived on time with all my information in hand. We quickly went over everything I had filled out online and they promptly got to work!

Armed with their Natural Cleaning Solutions, the AspenClean team tackled the jobs that I simply haven’t had the time to do. Clean out the fridge? Wash the walls? Wipe down the oven? Sure.. No problem! I was in awe of how efficient these ladies worked together to get all the jobs on the list completed! They even dusted underneath my bed!!


I know there are many cleaning companies out there but I can assure you that no one does it like AspenClean. One of the things that I believe sets them apart from the rest is that they have their own line of natural cleaning solutions that are actually NATURAL!

Natural Cleaning Solutions

Their natural cleaning products truly are kid-friendly and pet-safe.  And if that wasn’t enough, they even have their own line of Microfiber Cloths. They keep your home fresh and clean without leaving behind any chemical toxins or residues.

Did I mention how CLEAN everything smelled, it was heavenly!

“100% Client Satisfaction. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your service, contact us within 24 hours of your service and we’ll re-clean your home at no extra charge.”

For myself, the hardest part was not knowing what to expect. Do you clean beforehand? Do they expect you to clean? Will they go through my belongings? Are their employee’s bondable? What if they cannot get it all done?

AspenClean Natural Cleaning Solutions


After going through the AspenClean website and reading their reviews on Google all my fears were calmed. AspenClean really has done their due diligence in creating a company that sets their employees up for success!

As I had mentioned before, there were 3 ladies that came to the house and within this team, one member is assigned to Team Leader.  This person went through the home, keeping everyone focused and essentially followed behind their teammates dusting, washing walls and ensuring jobs are done properly.

Want to learn more about those Natural Cleaning Solutions?

In addition to their team coming in and doing an initial clean, we also received all the cleaning products that they used in the home as well as their microfibers clothes and even their laundry detergent!


Maybe you’re just interested in their products? You can shop their collections HERE

Not sure if this is for you? Get a FREE Estimate today!

AspenClean Vancouver AspenClean Natural Cleaning Solutions

Stop Bullying & Celebrate Kindness With Metrotown At Pink Shirt Day 2019

Celebrate Kindness

Bullying is very much a real thing. Unfortunately, we’ve all had some experience with bullying in our lives. Pink Shirt Day teaches our kids that kindness sees no color and definitely needs no filter! This February 27th, my friends at Metrotown will celebrate kindness by encouraging everyone to wear a pink shirt and perform a random act of kindness.

I will never forget parking the car one day with Ava and saw that the meter beside me had run out of time. As I looked down the stree, I could see the parking guy was heading our way. As I plugged my meter with coins, I threw a few coins in for the car in front of me. Ava was so confused. “Why would you put money in that cars meter?” I stumped her by responding with a “why not?” This moment would bring forth a beautiful learning moment

As a mom of two young girls that are growing up in the time of bullying, social media and the Internet, we have a very big job to do. I try to show my girls that kindness is not a choice we make each day; it’s just a way of life! Actions speak louder than words and we have the most impact when we lead by example.

Celebrate Kindness

I explained to a young Miss Ava that day that, it really cost me nothing to hopefully buy this person a few extra minutes. Getting back to their car and not finding a ticket could turn a day from good to bad in a real hurry.

As we walked away, Ava asked me, how the person would know what I had done if we didn’t wait for them to arrive back at their car. I explained to her that they probably wouldn’t and I didn’t do it for a thank you! I did it because I could! I will celebrate kindness another time and probably when I need it most!

We talked a lot that one day about nice things we can do for others that take little to no effort. Maybe it’s just simply holding the door for the person behind you. Or maybe it’s buying the person behind you in line’s coffee, either way spreading kindness is easy.

On Pink Shirt Day, February 27, Metropolis at Metrotown will be working with 7 Burnaby elementary and community schools to promote anti-bullying. They will be performing random acts of kindness in support of Pink Shirt Day 2019.

My friends at Metropolis at Metrotown are encouraging everyone to wear a pink shirt. Come down and support this anti-bullying movement and perform a random act of kindness.  If these students can stop and sprinkle some kindness, can’t you?


Celebrate Kindness

The kids from these schools will be making their way through the mall surprising and educating shoppers in the mall on Pink Shirt Day 2019. In addition, there will be a very special surprise performance by the students that will take place in Grand Court at 11:30pm.

Metropolis at Metrotown once again is working with the CKNW Kids’ Fund to promote the end to cyber bullying and encourage everyone online and in-person to spread kindness. From February 15-27, customers are encouraged to post their pledges on how they can #METMakeNice on the Metropolis at Metrotown Instagram page.

Celebrate Kindness

For every pledge made, Metropolis at Metrotown will donate $1 to the CKNW Kids’ Fund (up to $1000). By tagging a friend as well, customers have the chance to be entered to win a $500 shopping spree and a $500 gift card to be donated to their favourite local charity.

Maybe we were bullied or maybe we were the bully! I can honestly say that I have been on both sides of the coin. Join me This February 27th to celebrate kindness.

For more information on how you can celebrate kindness for Pink Shirt Day 2019 at Metropolis at Metrotown visit

Download my free Printable Be Kind Be Kind Print

The Best Apps For Kids Combine Fun & Learning!

best apps for toddlers

DISCLAIMER: I received compensation for this Best Apps For Kids Post in exchange for an honest review!

If you’re like me, you’ve probably got a handful of different so-called best apps for kids on your phone. This one app does one thing, while that app does another and before you know it you cannot find any of your own apps because the kids have taken over your phone. My friends at Lipa Land have created this really cool kids app that has it all, from music, games, stories and even some craft ideas.

Zoe loves to play little games on my phone; however, I was starting to get annoyed with all of the different apps.  They all have these annoying ads and play options that you can only access as a paid user. Not with Lipa land, you have access to all the games, all the things and might I add, there are no ADS!

Ok so now I know I’ve got you interested, but you are curious what is Lipa Land? Lipa Land is a fun learning based app for kids’ aged 3-6 that turns screen time into real-world adventures. I know you’re saying, “but Janette I’m trying to get my kids away from the screen” and good for you! But let’s be honest here, sometimes, you just need that distraction.

Trust me, Lipa Land knows there is nothing more priceless that the time you spend with your kids. The best apps for kids will create content that inspires us to discover the world side by side, this is Lipa Land!

best apps for toddlers

One of the reasons that I love this app so much is that it’s not limited to games, while those games are educational, there is so much more to Lipa Land. From stories and audiobooks, crafts even down to your lullabies and sounds to help your kids fall asleep at night!

Lipa land is simply one of the best apps for kids out there. Educational specialists created Lipa land based on their own curriculum using the Body, Mind, and World system. This system is the foundation for all content in Lipa Land. Which covers every important area in children’s development.

best apps for toddlers

As parents, we have a great big job of getting out kids ready for school and this is not always easy. Each kid learns differently apps like Lipa land whose focus is not only on fun but also on learning is the perfect way to reach your child in ways maybe you or preschool are not! Thanks to Lipa Land, Zoe’s ability to identify colors, shapes, and language skills are developing daily.

Lipa Land has games for all skill levels, brightly labeled easy, medium and hard, no matter what fun will be had! With no terrible ads to interrupt their fun, you can be assured that when playing Lipa Land, anything they click on is totally safe. Lipa Land is even Kids Safe Certified leaving parents feeling confident that Lipa Land is one of the best apps for kids.  Zoe is able to play games like her big sister but with content suitable for her!

best apps for toddlers

The best apps for kids shouldn’t leave you feeling awful. Lipa Land encourages families to get together to sing songs and discover exciting DIY’s!

Lipa Land is inspiring children’s imaginations with magical stories and audiobooks. They bring fun characters and familiar situations to life with beautiful illustrations. Zoe’s personal favourite story so far is The True Knight and The Princess in The Tower.

Lipa Land also has a progress tab, which allows you to see how much time your child is spending on which games and which ones are played most often. It will also show you what their scores are! This is the option is perfect for parents truly wanting to track their child’s strengths and preferences.

By now, I’m sure you’re wondering, “ok how much does this magical app that truly does it all cost? Once your free trial subsides, Lipa Land is only $6.49 per month! This gives you unlimited access to the stories, audiobooks, activities, and even all the music! Lipa Land truly is your one-stop shop for everything you need/want in the best apps for kids!

best apps for toddlers

Head over to Lipa Land to learn more and don’t forget to head over to the iTunes App store or the Google Play Store to download the app today!