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Shop Ava To Zoe is an offset to the blog Ava To Zoe, we take immense pride in being able to offer you handmade custom genuine leather accessories customized for you and your loved ones. Want to know more about how you order? Head over to our FAQ page for more information.

Janette Shearer is the owner and creator of Shop Ava To Zoe. Janette is a self-taught genuine leather artisan who loves connecting with her readers to produce high-quality genuine leather gifts that your loved ones will treasure for many years!

Shop Ava To Zoe also allows Janette the freedom to stay at home with her two daughters Ava and Zoe and show them that life is all about what you make it! Zoe helps with mailing packages (she carries the bag to the post office) and often times Ava will help us prepare envelops or packaging for your orders. The girls love being involved, truly making this a family affair.

That quote about small shop owners doing a happy dance when orders come in? That’s all of us, the whole family doing a little dance!

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