I think taking Mommy time  is so important and I’m also very aware that since Ava was born, I’ve said this but I have never really practiced what I preached.  This is from a book “100 Questions from my Child”, a book my mother had gotten me written by Mallika Chopra.

If you know a mom who is much like me, and never practices what they preach as for mommy time, stop by one day… kick her out for an hour and play with her children.  Bring a $10.00 gift card for starbucks..even better!

Being a mother requires wearing many hats.  From managing the house, meals, bath time, nap time and bills, to balance work and relationships many days I find very few moments to even sit down.  Life with kids gets crazy, and there are times I feel I just can’t manage anymore.  But the reality sinks in- as a mom, I can’t eve let the craziness get to me!
Then there are those days when things are just more difficult.  There is a work deadline, no good in the house, the phone doesn’t stop ringing, the bills are late and I have a miserable headache.  Inevitably on such days, I find that my daughters, sensing my stress, also demand more attention, fight more, and are generally moody.

My daughters are used to the concept of my needing some mommy time, and my husband respects my need for it.  For me, finding some ME time everyday has been life transforming.  These moments, if tapped into regularly, build up over time to give me a source of peace, perspective, and calmness.  Ideally, I can meditate for 15 minutes to catch my breath and be silent.  Most often, my mind is racing with all the things I haven’t done, forgot to do, or need to do.  Nonetheless, I force myself to take the time to decompress.  I become more centered, less frantic, and calmer.  Family time becomes more focused and more fulfilling.

When my daughters ask me why I need mommy time, the answer is quite simple.   Mommy time makes me a better mommy!



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